Why Do Contractor Estimates Vary So Much?

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Let’s set it up:
j0439600You need a new roof and call several contractors, some call you back and some don’t, but you finally get three to show up and look at your roof. You think you’ve done your homework and have decided on a type of shingle and roof so everyone prices the same thing. You’re expecting that prices will be close, and you will then pick the contractor you feel the most comfortable with. Wow, that wasn’t too bad right? WRONG! One price is $6,600.00, another is $9,400.00 and the last is $11,900.00. Why? Good question and it happens all the time in all aspects of home remodeling and repair. Here are some of the reasons:

  • On the high end some contractors are better than others, have more equipment and more overhead so they can’t compete with less expensive, smaller contractors.
  • On the low end smaller contractors do the work themselves avoiding the overhead of multiple employees. And again, some contractors are better than others.
  • Sometimes contractors are too busy and decide for a great price they will fit you in, the excess profit is worth the headache of being overbooked.
  • Some contractors don’t have proper insurance or any at all. This causes a lower overhead but puts you, the homeowner, in danger.
  • Warranty issues come into play as well. Smaller fly by night contractors won’t come back or even finish the job in a timely manner.

032430785-3d-white-people-difficult-choiThe bottom line on all this, and the biggest reason, is that THEY CAN charge whatever they want. There is very little governing costs to the public on home remodeling and repair. Trust me, contractors knows what a job’s worth, and if they can get substantially more, most will if given the chance. You do your homework when buying a car, right?  Do your homework when remodeling or repairing your home.

It could literally save you THOUSANDS!!