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Living In Your House During Your Remodel

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Living in the home during the remodel has some obvious advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, you can see the progress (or any lack of progress) every day, and you can catch any issues early. On the downside, you have to live through the inconvenience every day until the project is complete.

Here are some tips to make the experience a bit less painful:

  • Establish an agreement about parking. Is it ok to block your driveway? Will you need street parking during the day? Make sure you know when delivery and debris trucks will be there to avoid unexpected frustrations.
  • Think about the work hours. If the members of your household are out of the house all day during the week you can set the time you are out as the work hours. However, allowing longer days and occasional weekend work will speed up the completion of your project.
  • Find a way to keep any kids and pets situated out of the way of the workers.
  • Protect your floors. Contractors usually take care of this, but make sure the floor in the frequent paths of travel is covered up.
  • Decide if you are going to share a bathroom. An outhouse will add to your project costs, but you might not want the messiness of workers using your facilities every day.
  • Clear the rooms being worked on of as many personal items as possible, both to protect them and to create more space for working.
  • Talk to your contractor about how best to minimize dust and odor from spreading to the lived in parts of your home. They will likely want to tape off some areas with plastic during certain phases of the work.
  • Play host on occasion. Offering drinks, snacks, and compliments now and then creates goodwill and motivates workers to¬† do their best for you

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