Frequently Asked Questions

“Where does your pricing come from?”
Professional Cost estimators study and research all aspects of specific industries such as the building industry. Our database contains tens of thousands of entries and are based on decades of study and updated quarterly. These are facts not opinions. They are put together in estimates by professional estimators familiar with all aspects of the remodeling and building industries.

“How do you estimate to my community?”
We use several differant information sources and softwares that specifically share information with suppliers and labor statistics in hundreds of locations States wide accross America.

“How do you estimate my home inspection report or home remodel?" 
We carefully review your entire home inspection report and associate costs to all the "replace and repair defects" found by your home inspector. We also provide detailed allowances and contingencies for incomplete items giving you a solid idea of what the costs may be. Professional estimators have years of experience giving cost estimation from blueprints, PDF documents and photographs. Combine that with the experience to know and foresee problems in the remodeling and repair of your home.

“What if my project has multiple trades and design aspects?" 
Estimate Busters estimates all aspects of your inspection report or home remodeling project. We estimate all trades including electrical and plumbing. All estimating data has been compiled by highly skilled tradesmen and supply companies.

“Do I just upload my information; can I speak with someone?"  
You can upload your inspection report and simply submit it. You can also fill out our form and send your images and submit. You can contact us through email or phone provided on website and request a phone call. We will contact you shortly. Phone consultation is common with larger projects. "CONTACT US NOW" 
(Professional clients have full phone support with their estimator)

“Turnaround in 72 hours?"
Yes, absolutely! Turnaround in 72 hours means just that. We understand how time sensitive your project may be, especially a purchase and sale agreement. 72 hours even if you submit your request on a weekend day. On time sensitive projects we might need a bit more information, look for our emails to avoid possible delays in our turnaround time.


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