Our estimating service for contractors & homeowners help with estimating home remodeling & repair costs from the information you provide. Snap a few pictures, fill out our form and give us some details and we will provide you with a detailed cost of your project.

We carefully analyze and appraise your project(s) based on uploaded information and images provided by you. Use our easy online form, upload and interactive website. We can also review your home inspection report during the home buying and selling process or whenever your ready to make those improvements. We use decades of published national cost data that are adjusted right to your community or zip code. All in a 72 hour turn around. Estimate Busters is NOT a contractor referral or lead generation site and we don't even ask for your telephone number.  

Contractors, Handyman and Remodeling Professionals let our estimating service  help you estimate your work, no more long nights trying to figure out pricing. Know what your projects worth. Use our detailed itemized estimates high, low and target range to figure where you want your price to be. You also have email and phone support with your estimator who can and will become a part of your team.

Homeowners use our estimating service so there is no more waiting and interviewing contractors wondering if you can even afford your project or deciphering estimates that vary so widely. Whats my project worth? 

Realtors using our estimating service there will be no more worrying about a Purchase & Sale agreement falling apart or expiring because you can't get an estimate in time especially after reviewing your home inspection report. Help your clients get the accurate pricing they need.

Estimating Service