7 Hot Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

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1. Granite is Out; Engineered Quartz is In

According to our pros, engineered quartz (the Silestone brand, in particular) has officially ousted Granite as countertop supreme. Why? Because engineered quartz is tougher than granite — and it offers the beauty of stone without the maintenance too. Of course, as Travis Neff of Neff Enterprises in Phoenix, Ariz., points out, quartz generally costs about 20-30 percent more than granite. So, many homeowners opt to stick with granite — the still-worthy tried and true.

2. Tubs Are Out; Shower Stalls Are In

According to the pros, 2016 is the year of the bathroom remodel. Homeowners are shifting away from tub-centric, five-piece bathrooms and opting instead for walk-in shower stalls complete with seating, shelving and multiple showerheads.

Fun fact: Tom Lupinetti, owner of T & L Remodeling and Services in Denver, Colo., says he’s removed about $18,000 worth of jetted bathtubs in the last year alone!

3. Lowboy Toilets Are Out; Comfort Height is In

The standard lowboy toilet is being dethroned. According to HFM Builders’ Howard Molen, homeowners are shifting toward comfort-height toilets that offer higher, more accessible seating (2 to 3 inches higher than standard).

Bonus points: Comfort-height toilets are great for people with joint and mobility issues!

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